The 2nd Age of Social Media

Jamie Turner

Social Media is on its Way to become Standard in Marketing and Corporate Communication. But only a few Brands and Companies really benefit substantially yet. Social Media and Mobile Marketing Expert Jamie Turner reveals Insights on how to take your Social Business to the next Level. Learn how to make and save Money and get a Reflection on the Future of Social Media.


What's in it for you this Week?

  • The new Facebook: Organic Reach vs paid Reach
  • How to leverage Social Media as a Customer Service Channel
  • How to save money and satisfy your Customers using Social Media 

Special Guest Interview: Jamie Turner

Jamie Turner is founder of online magazine 60 Second Marketer, where he writes about marketing insights and gives helpful tutorials to marketers around the globe.

Jamie is author of the Mobile Marketing handbook Go Mobile and recently published his new book How to Make Money with Social Media, in which he lays out multiple tactics and examples on how to develop a Social Media Strategy focused on ROI.

You can read an excerpt of the How To Make Money With Social Media at the 60 Second Marketer:


With his 20 years of Marketing Experience, Jamie is also the CEO of 60 Second Communications, a marketing agency that has worked with clients such as Samsung, The Coca-Cola Company and InterContinental Hotels.

You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Google+ or visit his blog at the 60SecondMarketer.


Mentions and additional Infos

1. Mobile Marketing
Did you know there are already 5 times as many cellphones in the world as there are PCs? This presentation has some great Insights on the Importance of Mobile Marketing:


2. What really matters
In other news: Jamie Turner is an ambassador of A School Bell Rings, a charity devoted to improving the lives of impoverished children around the globe by providing them access to educational facilities and institutions. It's a great cause and definetly worth supporting: