Visions of a Future Internet

Jesse Stay

How do Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin work and how do they affect Banking and Economies? What is the disrupting Potencial of Peer-to-Peer Technology? In this Episode we leave our Comfort Zone and the Corridor of daily Business. We want to prepared for business-altering Paradigm Shifts in Technology. So follow us with Special Guest Jesse Stay and share a Vision for a new Future Internet.


What's in it for You today?

  • KickOff:
    # Learn about the Principles of Peer-to-Peer Technology
    # Bitcoin and the Impact of Digital Currencies
  • neuwaerts fm Insights
    # A Vision for a new Future Internet in our Interview with SPECIAL GUEST Jesse Stay
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He calls himself "The Social Geek". He studies and learns about new business-altering Paradigm Shifts in Technology, and shows Businesses how to embrace these Paradigm Shifts before their Competition does. He helped design some of the top apps on Facebook through his specialty of "Social Design" and "Growth Hacking", and has consulted and worked for multi-national Organizations and Companies including Facebook, Inc. itself to help them improve their Marketing and Social Media Strategies.

The best Way to get to know his Thoughts and Background is to visit his Blog Stay N Alive.

You will find more of Jesse Stay and Chances to connect here:

facebook, twitter (@jesse).

I met him on Social Media Marketing World 2014 (#SMMW14) in San Diego and took him for a Shooter Insights Interview. BONUS and other Mentions

Overview on Peer-to-Peer Technology on Wikipedia.