How to master google+

Martin Shervington

Do you struggle with google+? We do ever since, but now it's Time to lead off the Social Dragon of google's Social Layer. Follow us on the Track through undiscovered Land as we reveal the essential Keys to Success to plus your Business featuring Blogger and google+ Authority Martin Shervington.

What's in it for You today?

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    # google+ - how to defy the Social Dragon
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    # Interview with SPECIAL GUEST Martin Shervington from
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    # WordSwag - great App for visualizing Quotes and Statements (IOS/Android)
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    # FREE Videos, Documents and Advice for google+ Pioneers from
    # Visual Quotes from #BYI - Build Your Influence Online Seminar by Justin Wise

SPECIAL GUEST: Martin Shervington

He is Speaker, Consultant, Author, Professional Coach and Marketing Psychologist. Plus Your Life and Business! - that's his Motto.

He says his focus is supporting People in two Areas:

1. 'Plus Your Life!': free courses, daily videos, content to engage your mind
The Page:
The Personal Development community: Plus Your Life! 
2. 'Plus Your Business!': Helping companies, brands and individual business owners transform people's lives through Google's Products and Services, including Google+
The Page:
The business community: Plus Your Business!

A great Way to get to know his Thoughts and Background is to visit his Blog

I met him on Social Media Marketing World 2014 (#SMMW14) in San Diego and took him for a Shooter Insights Interview in google+.

More Chances to meet Martin Shervington here:

YouTube Channel (MartinShervington)

twitter (@martinsherv)

LinkedIn ToolBox: WordSwag

This App for IOS and Android costs appr. 3 $/€ and helps creating great visual Content.

It's perfect for publishing Quotes and Statements on Instagram, twitter or google+. Just enter Text and chose the Typo Style you like most. Lots of Options make is easy to highlight Punchlines the Way People like to Share it. And by uploading a Background Picture of your Choice you can individualize the Statement in a very prominent Matter.

Pretty helpful if you engange in live Tweetups. BONUS and other Mentions

See what else we got for you this Week on

Plus Your Business Academy

Martin Shervington and the 'Plus Your Business' Team have put together a FREE Google+ Quickstarter Package, including over 10 videos, 15 PDFs, and many resources - all for free.

We will enter the Pioneer Level quick and easy.

For more get on the Fasttrack to Level 2 and 3 - like we do :).

WordSwaged Insights from 'Build Your Influence' Online Seminar by Justin Wise

Great Line-up, great Talks and great Insights. Worth to be put up in our Punchline Galery this Week.

Standup Comedy

Martin Shervington mentioned his Passion for Standup Comedy. See him raving on Google Glass in his YouTube Video :)