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Dr. Matthias Meifert

Content is King but Influence is Queen. Because Influence means Power, based on the Ability to create Content and make it move through a Network. Literally Everybody could gain Influence today, using modern Publishing Tools and grow a large Following by strategic Networking. So far so good. But how does the the new Generation of Influencers affect our Marketing Startegies? Do Social Scoring Tools like Klout, Kred and PeerIndex change the Way we as Marketers think, judge and act? Do we all need to become Social Brands: Gain Influence or get lost? Social Marketing Expert and Best-Selling Author of 'The Return on Influence' Mark Schaefer provides Insights on how to increase your Influence and we reflect on the Essence of Influence in our Conversation with neuwaerts.fm Host Ingo Stoll.

In this Episode

  • How do you become a digital Influencer?
  • Which Ability is more important: Create Content or build and leverage a large Network of Followers?
  • How do we stand out with our Content and make it move through a Network?
  • What's the Impact of Likability on Influence?
  • And in which Way do Social Scoring Tools like Klout, Kred or PeerIndex affect our Behaviour in the great Game of Influence?
  • What does it mean, if Employees become Social Brands - powered and leveraged by the Organization?
These are some of the (complex) Questions in the Conversation with Mark Schaefer. 

Special Guest: Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaefer is an Author, Blogger and Speaker, has worked in Sales, PR and Marketing for nearly 30 Years and is ranked among Forbes World's Top 40 Social Media Marketing Talent. Today, he is the Executive Director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions and is teaching Social Media at Rutgers University. His Fields of Expertise include Social Media Marketing, Blogging and Influence Marketing.

His 2010 best-sellling Book The Tao of Twitter is still one of the Standard Textbooks on Twitter. In his 2012 published Book Return On Influence, he dives deep into the Topics of Social Scoring and Influence Marketing: 

His latest book Social Media Explained makes for a great gift for people who have no idea what Social Media is all about: 

You can find out more about Mark on Wikipedia, on his blog over at businessesgrow.com, or connect with him on TwitterGoogle+ and Facebook.

Be sure to also check out Mark's awesome podcast The Marketing Companion with Tom Webster:

Additional Info

Mark is also among the 50 people most retweeted by digital marketers - take a look at this report for some insights on how digital marketers engage on Social Media: