How to boost your next Event Partakes - Better Connections. Better Insights. Better Results.

Michael Stelzner

Do you go to Conferences and Events? Are you satisfied with the Results? Get Tips on how you can optimize your Event Strategy by attending virtual Conferences and find our 7 Secrets of successful Event Partake which help you connect faster, take away better Knowledge and leverage the Effect of valuable Human to Human Connection (#H2H).


What's in it for You?

  • KickOff:
    # Best of both worlds - The Pros and Cons of physical & virtual Conferences
  • neuwaerts fm Insights:
    # Interview with SPECIAL GUEST Michael Stelzner from Social Media Marketing World 2014 (#SMMW14)
  • ToolBox:
    # 7 Secrets of successful Event Partake - How to get the most out of your next Conference
  • BONUS:
    # Best Price Link to 'Social Media Success Summit' (#SMSS14) - a virtual Conference October 2014 by Social Media Examiner
    # Free Access to 'Build your Influence' - a virtual Conference on 30th July 2014 by Justin Wise
    # Event Tip: STORY Chicago
    # Hidden Secrets of successful Event Partake: #8


SPECIAL GUEST: Michael Stelzner

In 2009, Michael Stelzner founded the Online Magazine Social Media Examiner. Today, he can claim 250k likes on Facebook and being among Advertising Age's Top 20 Marketing Blogs. Alongside his work as a book author (Launch, Writing White Papers) and podcaster (Social Media Marketing Podcast) he is the organizer of the world's biggest conference on Social Media marketing, namely the Social Media Marketing World in San Diego.

"I felt like I was on my own Wedding" - Michael Stelzner at Social Media Marketing World 2014 (#SMMW14)

Definitely a Highlight on #SMMW14: The Networking Event onboard the USS Midway in San Diego.

Talking to Michael about all the small and bigger Tasks behind the Scenes of #SMMW14 was awesome. And you find my Promotion T-Shirt "Chuck Norris wants to be on" mentioned in the Show :).


"People want the human to human connection" - Michael Stelzner


You can find all about Michael Stelzner, his Events and Books at his Site Social Media Examiner or follow him on TwitterGoogle+ and Facebook. ToolBox - The 7 Secrets of successful Event Partake on your next Conference

We at neuwaerts LOVE to go to Conferences and inspiring Events in our Branche! And we leverage the Benefits of virtual Events as well. Apart from that, we organize small Meetups and huge Events ourselves, like the ConventionCamp in Hannover building a Hub for 1.600 Attendees in 2012.

In our 7 Secrets of successful Event Partake we crafted our Learnings and Advice in for you:

  1. Polish your Social Profile
  2. Connect upfront
  3. Invest in being relaxed
  4. Stand out of the Crowd
  5. Invest 90% on Relation
  6. Just say Thank You.
  7. It's not over when it's over

Feel free to share it with your Audience and Network. And if you have any further Tips or Insights to share, feel free tpo leave your Comment in the Shownotes. BONUS and other Mentions

In treat Episode we wanna treat you even more with Bonus Material and additional Mentions.

Social Media Success Summit 2014

If you want to hear Michael live, definitely check out his yearly online conference, the Social Media Success Summit 2014 (#SMSS14). Over the course of 4 weeks, you can engage with him and more than 45 social media marketing pros like Jay Baer, Mari Smith or Mark Schaefer. They will share practical tips and strategies on how to how to build social businesses. As it is an online conference, you can watch the sessions live or download the recordings and transcripts afterwards - and they didn't forget the networking part: You can make new contacts in the private LinkedIn group and chat live with other participants in the Twitter chat room.

Get your Free Ticket for a remarkable virtual Event: BuildYourInfluence.Co

If you have never participated in an Online Conference and want to dabble in something new, there's an opportunity to do that by joining this free online Build Your Influence Conference by Justin Wise. On July 30th, Presenters like Gary Vaynerchuck, Mari Smith, Ben Arment (and many more) will talk about how to build a Following on Social Media.


The 8th Secret (7+1)

Usinf the 7 Secrets will definitely boost your Event Results, be sure. But for those who gonna push it one Step further, we provide our 8th Secret here: Become a Medium.

Being Participant is cool. Participating as a Medium in the Back is even cooler. No Matter whether you show up und communicate your Role as a Blogger, Podcaster or Video Journalist - you will be recognized differently. Especially Speakers care for other Influencers with an additional Audience. The Reason is pretty simple: Authors, Speakers and all Kind of Artists depend on Attention. 

If you play that active Role, it's beneficial for you because of another Effect as well: It's what we call 'The Foto Safari Effekt'. If you're on a Safari with your Camera you switch into Hunting Modus. Your Senses sharpen and you will go for the perfect Picture. On a Conference it's the same: You permanently have your Scanner screening and watch out for great Thoughts, Insights and better Conversation. The Rest is self-fulfilling Prophecies.


Connect upfront you next Conference - Tool Tip BIZZABO

Using the App Bizzabo, you can begin socializing and networking with other Attendees even before the Event starts. On top you get a nice Event Guide with all relevant Information.

And another word of Advice: Ask yourself these 5 Questions, put together by Social Media Examiner, before visiting any Event.


Real Event Tip: STORY Chicago

STORY is a yearly Conference for 1.500 Creatives by Ben Arment and will happen for the sixth time on October 2-3 at the Harris Theater in the heart of Chicago.
This year's Motto is “Creators, Dreamers and Storytellers” and will feature Talks from Artists, Musicians and Designers.