Think BIG and act LEAN - a new Marketing Approach

Nichole Kelly

Everyone loves big ideas. But big ideas take a lot of time and persuading until they find their way into actual implementation. In the end, you often have a product that fits you, not your customers. That's where lean marketing kicks in: Based upon the lean startup methodology, this is all about getting something out of the door as quickly as possible, get feedback from the market, then optimize and iterate.


In this episode

How can we identify the 20% of our marketing efforts that are responsible for 80% of the results?  By applying lean startup methodology into marketing, says social business expert Nichole Kelly: Her approach is to build a first prototype of what you want to do as quickly as possible and put it in front of the target audience for feedback - then take that feedback and build the next iteration. This way you are not only encouraging innovation, but you also put data behind your ideas before you execute them.


SPECIAL GUEST: Nichole Kelly

Nichole Kelly is the CEO of Social Media Explorer | SME Digital. During her 14 years of working in the corporate world, she became convinced that marketing is the backbone of a company’s success - even though many companies still don't realize it. That's why she became an expert for measuring the success and ROI of Social Media Marketing. With her team at Social Media Explorer | SME Digital, she helps companies figure out a bottom-line oriented social media strategy.

Nichole is also known for her book "How To Meascure Social Media", that offers marketing proffesionals an applicable framework for how to develop their own social media business metrics:

Here you can find Nichole on Twitter and LinkedIn.


From the show & additional info

What's a Lean Startup anyway? This short video explains the most important steps of the process in two minutes:


If you want to dive deeper into the topic, watch Eric Ries' 2011 talk at Google, where he gives a profound insight into what Lean is all about:



Nichole Kelly was part of the keynote panel with Ted Rubin (see episode 003), Jay Baer and Jeff Rohrs at Social Media Marketing World 2014 discussing 'Have we lost the social in social media'. And within the discussion we've see these great "That's Utter Nonsense" Moments (see the Video here). So we're waiting for the promised "That's Utter Nonsense"-Podcast promised by Ted Rubin and Nichole Kelly now ... :) #thatsutternonsense.


Nichole, thank you for great Moments on #SMMW14 and be sure, one Day we will see and listen to you over in Germany :).