Finding your Visual Voice - A Secret of Social Success

Neal Schaffer

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Why do some Companies succeed at Social while others don't? This Week's SPECIAL GUEST Neal Schaffer is Social Media Author, Speaker, Consultant and Founder of Maximize Social Business. Neal analyzed the Approaches of different Companies systematically and found that there are 9 Key Components that most successful Strategies have in common. One of the most essential Secrets he discovered is 'Finding your Visual Voice'. Within the Context of a Visual Branding Strategy he provides Insights of some impressive Case Studies encouraging you to define the unique (visual) Story to tell for Brand.

This Episode marks the last Release of our humble Trilogy on the relevant and trending Topic of Visual Branding featuring Ekaterina Walter on 'The Power of Visual Storytelling' (#006) and Sue B. Zimmerman on 'The PowerTools of Visual Branding' (#005).


SPECIAL GUEST: Neal Schaffer

Neal Schaffer is Founder and Editor in Chief of He helps Businesses to align their Social Media Strategy with their corporate Goals, is doing Keynote Speeches and Coaching worldwide, besides teaching Social Media Marketing at Rutgers University. He is an Expert on Social Selling and LinkedIn, having written multiple Books on the professional Network since 2008, an active Soccer Player - and a fluent Speaker of Chinese and Japanese, which was impressing to watch at #SMMW14! And he's a kind Representative of the Human 2 Human Philosophy on Social Business as you can see not only signing Books but providing personal Dedications.


His latest Publishing Project is the Book 'Maximize Your Social'. It-s a Social Media Handbook that enables companies to develop their very own Social Strategy: "Maximize Your Social offers a clear Vision of what Businesses need to do to create—and execute upon—their Social Media for Business Road Map."



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You should also check out Neal's weekly 'Maximize Your Social Podcast' (on iTunes) providing Insights and useful Tips on how to make Businesses more social.


Mentions in the Show and additional Information

Jonathan Wichmann, Head of Social Media at Maersk Line, gives Background Information worth reading on Maersk's 'Visual Voice' and Social Strategy that we mention in the Show:

The 9 Secrets of Social Success by Neal Schaffer as presented on #SMMW14 (Summary):

  1. Align Your Voice with Your Audience
  2. Develop a Visual Voice – and Align it with Your Audience
  3. Put a Face Behind Your Brand
  4. Leverage O2O
  5. Become a Pioneer in Your Industry
  6. Internally Collaborate Your Social
  7. Employee Advocacy –Empower Your Employees
  8. Screw the 80/20 Rule
  9. Give Social Users What They Want


Bonus Material

Exclusively for neuwaerts.FM, Neal provided some additional Advice in an appropriate visual Format as you can see here:

"Because before a visual Voice, Brands need to start with a Voice."
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Event Tip

If you are located in Europe, you might meet Neal Schaffer at the 'Überall Annual App Congress' in Vienna in June.