The Power of Visual Storytelling

Ekaterina Walter

It's literally not to overlook: the Internet in general and social media platforms in particular are getting more visual everyday. Pinterest, Instagram & Vine are the current shooting stars, but established players move with the times, too: The new Twitter Frontend shows more pictures and expands the area for visual content, while Facebook is betting on visual driven interfaces with their new Paper app. In times of Augmented Reality and Google Glass, the forecast shows one direction only: More content, and more visual content at that. The amount of data generated in the last 48 hours alone is equal to the total amount of data generated until 2003.


What's in it for You?

How can brands stand out and reach their customers in today's overload of visual information? The answer is 'Visual Storytelling', says author, marketing-expert and former Intel social media strategist Ekaterina Walter. That entails more than just using images, videos, infographics or a presentation on Slideshare, as she describes in her new book 'The Power of Visual Storytelling'. It is about telling an emotional story based on a brands core values and offerings. In the limelight is not marketing a product, but rather leveraging the aspect that truly connects customers with the brands identity.


Special Guest Ekaterina Walter

Ekaterina Walter helped brands like Intel and Accenture innovate on strategy and marketing. Today, she is a speaker and author: besides her booksThink Like Zuck and The Power of Visual Storytelling, she is a regular contributor to publications like Forbes, Fast Company or the Huffington Post. She is co-founder and CMO of BRANDERATI.

Latest publication: The Power of Visual Storytelling

In her new book The Power of Visual Storytelling, Ekaterina Walter explains how to utilize photos, videos, infographics, presentations and other kinds of rich content to grow your business and strenghten your brand. The book provides a roadmap for every organization that wants to start telling visual stories.


You can find more about Ekaterina here:

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Further recommendations on Visual Storytelling

In early march 2014, Ekaterina Walter was a guest on Michael Stelzners great podcast and gave some more insights on visual branding strategies. Definitely worth a listen:

Social Media Examiner Podcast - Episode 83: Visual Storytelling: How to Use Visuals, Videos and Social Media to Market Your Business

You can find some more interesting examples of visual storytelling - from In-Store events connected with Pinterest to animated videos on Vine - in one of Ekaterinas recent blog posts:

'7 Interesting Ways Brands Are Using Pinterest'


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