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Sue B. Zimmerman

The Future Web is absolutely visual! More and more social Content is published and shared on one of the visual PowerTools: Instragram and Pinterest. In this Episode we discuss the best Options to use these Tools for your Branding or Performance Strategy. SPECIAL GUEST: Sue B. Zimmerman - the Instragram Expert. The Interview by Host Ingo Stoll was recorded live at the Social Media Marketing World 2014 #SMMW14 - Awesome #InstFun :).


What's in it for You?

Insights: This week's guest is Sue B. Zimmerman (aka Instagram Gal), expert on Instagram, telling us about the power of social photo networks for your business.

Sue B. Zimmerman - The Instagram Expert #InstaFun


Special Guest Sue B. Zimmerman

Sue B. is an Instagram expert and helps businesses finding their customers and meeting their goals on the worlds biggest photo sharing platform. She shares her knowledge as an author, speaker and coach as well as with her online Instagram courses Insta-Results and Insta-Expert or her eBook Instagram Basics for your Business. An early on entrepreneuse since the age of 13, she is also is the founder of SueB.Do & Sue B. Zimmerman Enterprise.

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Latest project

Creating an Instagram Course for Creative Live June 9-11. You can sign up now to enroll for free!


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ToolBox on Visual PowerTools

1. Statigram /

2. Flipagram (App) / iTunes

3. PicPlayPoste (App) / iTunes

4. diptic (App) / iTunes



#InstaFun with Sue B. at the #SMMW14 :)