Ein Zukunftskompass für besseres Wirtschaften

Stephan Grabmeier

"Wir sind auf dem Weg in eine globale Sustainable Transformation, die wir positiv gestalten können." Im MoTcast Talk mit Innovator und Purpose Contributor Stephan Grabmeier liefert sein neues Buch "Future Business Compass" die Steilvorlage. Forschungsinstitute sehen ein Milliardenpotenzial für soziale Innovationen. Die bestehende Wirtschaft steht an der Schwelle in eine neue Generation besseren Wirtschaftens. Fragen gibt es viele: Was passiert in der Next Economy bis 2030? Beginnt jenseits von Wachstumsfetisch und Profitgier tatsächlich ein neues Zeitalter bewussteren und besseren Wirtschaftens? Im Gespräch mit Audiograf Ingo Stoll liefert Stephan Grabmeier Antworten.

Working Out Loud (WOL) - a new work movement that matters

John Stepper

Working Out Loud (#WOL) is an idea that became a movement in the new work world. Listen to #WOL founder John Stepper talking about how it helps to let you make your own luck, how to implement it in companies and his personal #WOL vision. This #MoTcast presented by host Ingo Stoll is our first co-creation with Sebastian Hollmann's D1g1tal Leaders Podcast.

Handwerk 4.0 - Die trügerische Ruhe vor dem digitalen Sturm

Matthias Schultze

Im Handwerk sind die Auftragsbücher voll und es scheint alles zu laufen - doch der Schein trügt. Die Branche steht vor einer radikalen Transformation. #MoTcast Gastgeber Ingo Stoll beleuchtet Erfahrungswerte mit Social Media, NewWork und den Blick in die Zukunft im Talk mit einem echten Revoluzzer und Digitalpionier der Handwerksbranche: Malermeister, Unternehmen und Blogger Matthias Schultze.

Understanding the power of exponential technologies

Pascal Finette

#MoTcast host Ingo Stoll talking to Pascal Finette - Global evangelist of the Singularity University teaching Silicon Valley's brightest minds on leveraging exponential technologies to transform the world.

The 2nd Age of Social Media - How to bring your Social Business to the next Level

Jamie Turner

Social Media is on its Way to a Standard. But only a few Brands and Companies really benefit substantially yet. Social Media and Mobile Marketing Expert Jamie Turner reveals Insights on how to take your Social Business to the next Level. Learn how to make and save Money and get a Reflection on the Future of Social Media.

How to use Influencers to grow your Business

Lee Odden

It's becoming very competitive out there while more and more Marketers jump onto the Content Marketing Train. The Amount of Content produced outnumbers the potential Consumers by far. Standing out becomes an Issue. Inspiring Influencers to share your Message with their Audience becomes a vital Task for modern Marketing. In this Week's Insights Talk Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Online Marketing and Author of the Book Optimize, shares some Wisdom and practical Advice on how to identify, connect and leverage effective Influencers in your Branch.

Peer2Peer Visions of a Future Internet

Jesse Stay

How do Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin work and how do they affect Banking and Economies? What is the disrupting Potencial of Peer-to-Peer Technology? In this Episode we leave our Comfort Zone and the Corridor of daily Business. We want to prepared for business-altering Paradigm Shifts in Technology. So follow us with Special Guest Jesse Stay and share a Vision for a new Future Internet.

Defy the Social Dragon google+

Martin Shervington

Do you struggle with google+? We do ever since, but now it's Time to lead off the Social Dragon of google's Social Layer. Follow us on the Track through undiscovered Land as we reveal the essential Keys to Success to plus your Business featuring Blogger and google+ Authority Martin Shervington.

How to boost your next Event Partakes - Better Connections. Better Insights. Better Results.

Michael Stelzner

Do you go to Conferences and Events? Get Tips on how you can optimize your Event Strategy by attending virtual Conferences and find our 7 Secrets of successful Event Partake which help you connect faster, take away better Knowledge and leverage the Effect of valuable Human to Human Connection (#H2H). Listen to one of the Authorities of digital Eventing: Founder of Social Media Examiner, Author and Speaker - Michael Stelzner - is our SPECIAL GUEST revealing his Recap from Social Media Marketing World 2014 in San Diego.

Content is King but Influence is Queen - a deeper Reflection

Mark Schaefer

In the Era of the Internet Content is King but Influence is Queen. Because Influence means Power, based on the Ability to create Content and make it move through a Network. Literally Everybody could gain Influence today, using modern Publishing Tools and grow a large Following by strategic Networking. So far so good. But how does the the new Generation of Influencers affect our Marketing Startegies? Do Social Scoring Tools like Klout, Kred and PeerIndex change the Way we as Marketers think, judge and act? Do we all need to become Social Brands: Gain Influence or get lost? Social Marketing Expert and Best-Selling Author of 'The Return on Influence' Mark Schaefer provides Insights on how to increase your Influence and we reflect on the Essence of Influence in our Conversation with neuwaerts.fm Host Ingo Stoll.

Think BIG and act LEAN - a new Marketing Approach

Nichole Kelly

Marketers tend to think BIG IDEAS which means setting up big Projects with long pre-planning Processes and big Investments. But in many Cases these Approaches don't hit the moving Targets of Markets, Technologies and Customers. So it's Time to re-think Marketing Strategies. Think LEAN! By getting a first Prototypes out quicker, cheaper and ready to ask for feedback Marketing gains Speed and Efficiency. Our SPECIAL GUEST Nichole Kelly, CEO of Social Media Explorer | SME Digital, tells us about how to apply this LEAN Methodology into Marketing.

Finding your Visual Voice - A Secret of Social Success

Neal Schaffer

Why do some Companies succeed at Social while others don't? This Week's SPECIAL GUEST Neal Schaffer is Social Media Author, Speaker, Consultant and Founder of Maximize Social Business. He carved out 9 essential Secrets among which 'Finding your Visual Voice' is one of the most critical. Within the Context of a Visual Branding Strategy he provides Insights of some impressive Case Studies encouraging you to define the unique (visual) Story to tell for Brand.

The Power of Visual Storytelling

Ekaterina Walter

How can brands stand out and reach their customers in today's overload of visual information? The answer is 'Visual Storytelling', says author, marketing-expert and former Intel social media strategist Ekaterina Walter. That entails more than just using images, videos, infographics or a presentation on Slideshare. Visual storytelling is about telling an emotional story based on a brands core values and offerings. In the limelight is not marketing a product, but rather leveraging the aspect that truly connects customers with the brands identity.

Instagram, Pinterest & Co - The power of photos

Sue B. Zimmerman

The Future Web is absolutely visual! More and more social Content is published and shared on one of the visual PowerTools: Instragram and Pinterest. In this Episode we discuss the best Options to use these Tools for your Branding or Performance Strategy. SPECIAL GUEST: Sue B. Zimmerman - the Instragram Expert. The Interview by Host Ingo Stoll was recorded live at the Social Media Marketing World 2014 #SMMW14 - Awesome #InstFun :).

How the NOW Revolution challenges your Business Culture

Jay Baer

'The NOW Revolution' - according to New York Best Selling Author and Digital Marketing Advisor Jay Baer one of the greatest Challenges for the existing Business Culture and the common Marketing of our Days. "Business has changed more in the past three years than in the prior 30. But it’s not a threat, it’s an opportunity." Social Media and Real-Time Communication require new Playbooks for Marketing, because the old Story of interruptive Marketing fades away. We had the Chance to talk to Jay Baer in San Diego at the Social Media Marketing World 2014 about leaving the Comfort Zone, Innovation Culture and the Importance of Employee Advocates for your Brand.