MoTcast - The Masters of Transformation Podcast

"When I was a Teenager I wanted to become a Radio Guy one Day ...". My Way led me on winded Roads down the Marketing Path, but when Dirk Rockendorf asked me to become his permanent Partner in his Online-Marketing-Podcast (OMP) in 2012, he didn't had to ask me twice. Our Sessions opened up the Door to Podcasting for me and sinch March 2014 I started my first Episode of after 4 months of Preparation and kind remote Assistance of Michael Stelzner and Cliff Ravenscraft.

My twitter Bio says: Social Influencer, Leader in the Digital Age Award Winner, Mindset: be helpful, engage, share, innovate, fail, listen, trust your guts, live and learn ;)

My Passion is Routinekilling in Marketing and any Kind of Innovation Culture. I'm a Coffee Junky. I love to meet new People, change Perspectives and grow by talking to open Minds. That's why I picked the well known Picture of '...where the Magic happens' as my Punchline and Motto for

My Promise of to you is 'Leading your Marketing to where the Magic happens'. And by the Way, the German Word 'neuwaerts' means 'towards the new' and won't be found in any Dictionary - we Guys from the Agency neuwaerts just invented it.

I really hope to meet as many of you as possible in Person or on one of the multioptional digital Platforms. And if you wanna do me a Favour, please leave me your Feedback, Questions, Ideas or Ratings on iTunes.